ST850 —Thru-Hull, Smart™ Sensor

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The ST850 is our standard, thru-hull speed sensor. Digital signal processing inside the housing provides speed and temperature data to a chart plotter, radar screen, or digital display in either analog or NMEA 2000® formats. The plastic P17, bronze B17, and stainless steel SS577 housing options are available to meet most hull requirements. These low-profile units are nearly flush and minimize drag with only 5 mm (3/16") extending outside of the hull.

Manufacturer Part Numbers
Furuno Analog Plastic—ST-02PSB——Airmar—31-590-2-41
Furuno Analog Bronze—ST-02MSB——Airmar—31-590-2-51



  • Smart™ Sensor
  • Speed & Temperature
  • Analog or NMEA 2000®
  • Plastic, Bronze, or SS